Our Mission

The purpose of the ALTA Charitable Foundation (ACF) is to support the Academic Language Therapy Association, known as ALTA. 



ALTA Charitable Foundation Goals

Too many children living with dyslexia are not receiving proper reading and writing instruction. To combat that, ACF was established to provide the following:

  • Support to individual teachers in CALP, CALT, ICALP, or QI training
  • Funds for the instruction of individual students by a CALP or CALT
  • Contributions to individuals for ALTA approved continuing education opportunities
  • Contributions to individuals for ALTA membership renewal
  • Other support: contact ACF


The ALTA Charitable Foundation has applied for its 501(c)(3) exemption status. 


Your support goes a long way in helping ALTA make a significant difference in the lives of individuals who struggle with dyslexia and related disorders.

ALTA Charitable Foundation Resources

Your contribution reinforces our efforts to deliver effective, evidence-based reading and writing resources to those training to be dyslexia therapists and practitioners.

ALTA Charitable Foundation Leadership


Jean Colner, CALT-ICALP

Jean Colner, CALT-ICALP


Kara Lee, CALT - ICALP

Kara Lee, CALT - ICALP


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