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About the 2022 Texas Summit

The live event is over, but there’s still an opportunity to gain 7 CEs towards your ALTA requirements! By purchasing on-demand recordings of the 2022 Texas ALTA Summit, you will gain knowledge in updated research on:

  • ADHD – How Executive Functioning skills affect Reading Comprehension
  • Best practices for helping ESL Dyslexic students – lessons will be modeled & practiced 
  • How our schools can rise to the call for dyslexic students 
  • New Chapter Books for struggling readers


* A portion of the proceeds from each registration will be donated to support the ALTA Charitable Foundation.

Recordings Available

Introduction & Welcome

Libby Grafa, President, Texas ALTA
Cindy Connolly, VP Records

FEAR: Reading, Attention/Anxiety and Executive Functions

Dr. Eric Tridas

The content of the 1½-hr presentation covers Executive Functions (EF), ADHD, Anxiety, and Dyslexia. We will also cover EF and the impact on decoding, fluency, and comprehension.

Language and Literacy Intervention Among Multilingual Learners

Dr. Elsa Hagan

There are 5 million students in the United States who speak English as their second language. Many of these students also exhibit dyslexia. Literacy interventions must therefore be well-designed and include cross-linguistic features to enhance multilingual learners’ use of native language and literacy knowledge. This session will describe the cross-linguistic features that can be incorporated within targeted intervention sessions. Oral language proficiency must also be addressed utilizing evidence-based practices. Lessons will be modeled and practiced.

Regional updates


Presidents of each TX ALTA Chapter will speak about programs they have had this past year and provide updates for future presentations.

Rise to the Occasion

Nancy Disterlic and Marcy Eisinger

This session will focus on the ability of our Texas public schools to rise to the call to appropriately identify and serve students with dyslexia from our rich heritage to our current changes as well as holding an effective ARD mtg.

The Science of Reading: Past, Present, and Future

Pamela Toman

This session will discuss the Science of Reading, how it has impacted our schools, and what the future holds for effective reading instruction in the classroom.

From Shame to Possibility: The Dyslexia Equation

Don Winn, Author & dyslexic himself

Diagnosis, accommodation, and social and emotional support are key to every dyslexic child’s success. This presentation will discuss the dangers of undiagnosed dyslexia and how parents and educators can become more aware of subtle signs that a child is feeling shame, and how to help the child move from feelings of shame to possibility.

Featuring the award-winning Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series, the presentation will also discuss the importance of a “hero of self-reference” in children’s books and how such heroes can be pivotal in helping the dyslexic or struggling reader see themselves in new ways, with new possibilities and potential.

ALTA updates

Lynne Fitzhugh, President ALTA National


Meet Our Speakers

Eric Tridas, MD
Eric Tridas, MD

Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. Tridas practiced developmental and behavioral pediatrics in the Tampa Bay Area for 37 years. He is the founder and Senior Partner of The Tridas Group, a developmental pediatrics consulting and software company. Dr. Tridas is an IDA representative at the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the Learning Disability Association of America, and past President of the International Dyslexia Association. He is also the State Medical Director for Pediatric Health Choice for Florida-Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Facilities (PPEC). He is a retired clinical Associate Professor in Pediatrics at the University of South Florida, Morsani College of medicine.
Dr. Tridas is the recipient of the 2017 International Dyslexia Association Margaret Rawson Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the International Dyslexia Association Sylvia Richardson Hall of Fame. He also received the 2012 IMSLEC Innovator Award.
Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan
Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan

Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist

Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan is a bilingual speech and language pathologist and Certified Academic Language Therapist and Qualified Instructor (CALT-QI). Dr. Cárdenas-Hagan is the President of the Valley Speech Language and Learning Center in Brownsville, Texas, and a research associate with the Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics at the University of Houston.  

Elsa has spent the last 23 years working in national research projects sponsored by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, the Institute of Education Sciences, a research arm of the United States Department of Education, and the Office of Special Education Programs. Each national project was related to the development of language and literacy skills among Spanish-speaking English learners. 

Nancy Disterlic
Nancy Disterlic

Consultant Region 10

Nancy Disterlic graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development and Dallas Baptist University with a Master of Arts in Teaching (Multisensory Instruction). She taught in Keller ISD for 12 years in both elementary and high school, as a classroom teacher, dyslexia therapist, and special education teacher for students with autism. She is a Certified Academic Language Therapist, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, and a member of the Academic Language Therapy Association. She is currently serving as the Region 10 Dyslexia Consultant, serving districts and students to develop the skills to become independent and confident. She offers a new perspective for teachers working with students with dyslexia.

Marcy Eisinger
Marcy Eisinger

Assistant Director of Dyslexia, Special Education, Garland IS

Marcy Eisinger is the Assistant Director of Dyslexia for Garland ISD. Prior to joining Garland ISD, she served as a Dyslexia Consultant, Section 504, At-Risk and General Education Homebound Coordinator, and as a dyslexia therapist within the public school setting. In addition, Marcy has provided therapy in both public and private settings for all types of students ranging from kindergarten to adult and has worked with parents, community members, and organizations. She has provided professional development and public speaking engagements throughout the state for parents, community members, teachers, school districts, and other various organizational entities.

Pamela Toman
Pamela Toman

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Literacy San Antonio, Inc.

Pamela managed Literacy San Antonio from a Signature Project of the Junior League of San Antonio, Inc. in 2006 through the formation of a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2010 to a TEA Authorized Reading Academy in 2020. She is a passionate advocate for aligning literacy instruction with the science of teaching reading. Prior to co-founding Literacy San Antonio dba TX Reads, she worked in international marketing and management consulting. Pamela served on the Texas Interagency Literacy Council and the San Antonio Commission on Literacy. She holds a BA in History from UT Austin and an MA in Latin American Studies from UCLA.

Don Winn
Don Winn

Dyslexia Advocate & Author

A dyslexia advocate, educational keynote speaker, with a lifetime of experience living with dyslexia, Don M. Winn is the award-winning author of the nonfiction book for parents and educators, Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know. Don has written thirteen picture books and the Sir Kaye the Boy Knight series—an award-winning four-book series of chapter books for independent readers, which includes The Knighting of Sir Kaye, The Lost Castle Treasure, Legend of the Forest Beast, and The Eldridge Conspiracy. The books include many topics for parents and kids to talk about—including how a character named Reggie struggles with dyslexia but learns that he is a talented person of great value.

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